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Non-slip Durable Rubber Horse Stable Mats


  • Portus MALITIA: Qingdao, Sina
  • Min. Ordinis Quantity: CC quadratum metris
  • Partus tempus: 20-30 diebus
  • Payment: T / T, L / C
  • Material: Recycled Purgamentum
  • Sarcina: Pallets
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    Item No. NM1000
    Description Non-slip Durable Rubber Horse Stable Mats
    ratio MCCXX x MDCCCXXX mm; M x 2000mm
    crassitudine XII: 17mm
    Design Sulcus dat embossing & per superficiem deorsum

    Flexilis-firmum grabatis,

    This convenient, heavy duty rubber mat clearly improves the health of your horses, livestock. The top surface is covered in hundreds of small bubbles makes it easy to clean and dry, offers the best gripping surface for your horse. On the underside there are grooves provide draining capability. 


    * Resilient, cost-effective mat is manufactured from 100% re-vulcanized and recycled rubber

    * Safe, Comfortable and Durable

    * Corrosion-Proof, Aging Resistance, Long Service life 5-8 years

    A Safety Rubber Mat Focused on Animal Husbandry

    — 5 ADVANTAGES —

    horse stall mats

    vitula eligans Flexilis grabatis,

    -more Applications-

    Iumenta villam, lactantium iijs cenaculo, sexdecim domo stabulo clausum fuisse, ... horreis conderentur

    Flexilis-firmum, mats-applications


    Genera Flexilis Tabulatum, et tegulae, & rotulis Nosce te variis applications in una villa commercial, residentialibus et industriae sectores.


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