A floor can bear working forklifts

warehouse floor tiles


Nowadays, forklifts have become an indispensable transfer tool for ports, stations, airports, freight yards, factory floors, warehouse floors, distribution centers and distribution centers, and can perform many high-intensity tasks. However, the floor of the workshop is often rolled by a forklift and it is easy to cause problems such as uneven ground, sand, and dust. How to avoid these problems then? Thus, an effective forklift ground will greatly improve the efficiency of the forklift floor operation, while reducing the cost of forklift operation.

PVC splicing floor is a new type of material suitable for workshop floor. The PVC floor used in the workshop floor is generally about 5 mm thick. Compared to the common 2mm PVC floor, it is thicker and more wear-resistant, with higher bearing capacity, and is not afraid of the rolling of transport vehicles such as forklifts. PVC special splicing floor, is oil resistant, easy to clean and maintain. The high-thickness elastic surface can play a very good role in shock absorption, and will not allow our working environment to bear the loud noise every day. The great advantage of PVC splicing floor is that the installation requirements on the ground are not high, and the special characteristics of the lock make the installation more convenient and quicker. A few hundred square meters of ground can be laid and installed in just one day. Installing a PVC splicing floor does not require professional construction personnel. The floor does not need special treatment, only ordinary cement floor is needed.

Post time: Nov-29-2019